Black Matt Crittall Style Shower Enclosures, Screens

Interior stylists and designers are all agreed that the new trend in Crittall shower screens and enclosures is one of the most exciting fashions to have hit UK bathrooms for a number of years.

The stunning aesthetics created have even led to shower screens trending on Instagram and Facebook!

Traditional bathrooms are immediately given a modern twist and the addition of new marble tiles takes the contemporary feel to yet another level. Crittall shower screens are ideal if you’re creating a visually striking wet-room as well.

Crittall style shower doors take inspiration from the steel framed windows manufactured in the UK since the early 1800s. The windows were distinguished by a thin steel grid around the sections of the glass and can still be seen in many homes all over the country. The style is featured in the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, and was even used on The Titanic.

At KP Glazing we think their huge popularity stems from such a traditional look being used to create ultra-modern environments. Glass gives the bathroom an upscale vibe, and its clean lines help the atmosphere feel fresh and hygienic.

It doesn’t matter if your décor is Industrial, Farmhouse, Antique, or Modern, Crittall-inspired shower doors and enclosures look wonderful in each. The look can be modern or vintage, for example, depending on how you style the rest of the space.

The dark squared or rectangular glass panels are very easy to maintain and keep clean and the versatility makes Crittall a style that suits both large and small bathrooms.

Take a look through our portfolio below and prepare to be inspired!