A shower enclosure keeps the wet areas separate from the dry areas of your bathroom. Some people still use shower curtains to keep water out of the dry areas, but that doesn’t usually work out too well. Shower curtains are not sturdy enough to prevent water from leaking or splashing onto the bathroom floor.

The only solution is to install a bespoke shower enclosure in your London bathroom. KP Glass & Glazing is one of London’s leading shower enclosure designers and installers. We have a team of glass specialists who can custom design a shower enclosure that perfectly fits the size and shape of your shower and bathroom. That way, no water from your shower will ever splash out onto the bathroom floor again.

KP Glass & Glazing custom designs all our shower enclosures out of glass panels. Our customers love glass shower enclosures because they are indulgent and luxurious. You could improve the appearance and value of almost any bathroom by installing a shower enclosure made of glass panels.

Our contemporary pivot-door shower enclosures give you a fast and easy way to enter and leave your shower. Meanwhile, all the water inside the shower doesn’t have any opportunity to escape. The glass panels ensure the water stays inside the shower at all times. Then you don’t have to worry much about slipping and falling on a wet surface after getting out of the shower.

Would you like to make an appointment to consult with our glass specialists regarding your shower enclosure project in London? If so, you can call us at 020 8656 5709 or email us at info@kpglazing.co.uk.